Terrace Martin Velvet Portraits Album Download

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Terrace Martin Fans Can Expect New Album ’ to Drop Next Month

Terrace Martin is set to offer a new album which his fans are very much likely to end up. He has made announcements that an album under his name is due for a release on the first of next month. The new album has been titled ‘Velvet Portraits’ based on the details that he has revealed in his social media accounts, both ion Twitter and on Instagram.

Speculations about the possibility of him dishing out a new album has since been rife ever since the many pictures that he has posted on Instagram with him working inside the studios. There were picture of him and Snoop Dogg as well as Kendrick Lamar in the studio. He is actually just fresh from the work that he did towards helping Lamar in coming up with his critically-acclaimed album last year,

As it turned out, the speculations were indeed true. Not long after those images were posted on his social media account, confirmation was received that he is indeed working on new materials. Martin has always been known to work on new music and new material every time. So, it did not come as a surprise when he revealed that he is dishing out a new album on the first of April. He has also revealed that the album will be ‘Velvet Portraits’. In one of the posts that he has shared, he has stated that the album is equal to joy, pain, truth, soul, and love. If these are to be based on what the album is going to be like, then it is safe to say that fans are expected to get some good treats from this rapper and music producer when his album hits the shelves.