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Berner is Set to Release New Album ‘Hempire’ Next Month

San Francisco Bay Area rapper, Cookies King, and entrepreneur Berner is about to drop a new album for his eager fans. The announcement has since been long overdue as his listeners have been clamoring for new works from his side of the fence,. True enough, the rapper was able to drop some information on what the fans can expect for him and when.

As it turned out, Gilbert Milam Jr., as the rapper is actually known in real life, is currently oin the works of coming up with an album. Heeding the clamor, he has also made the announcement that he will be releasing the material on the first of next month, April.

Needless to say, the eager fans are all hoping that this is indeed true. They haven hoping for new materials coming from the rapper for the longest time. So, it is not surprising to find a lot of people who are truly hoping that the announcement is not just an elaborate ploy for April Fool’s.

Judging by the details that Berner has been dropping though, this might seem to be a legit announcement and that he may indeed be working on the real deal. The rapper has even revealed the artwork for the cover of the album. The title has also been revealed so far as well. This time, the rapper opted for a very apt name for the new album and it is going to be called ‘Hempire’. As long as things are going to be on schedule, fans can be expected to get a good glimpse of what the album is like and what it has to offer when the first of next month arrives. Hempire is definitely one album that a lot of hip-hop fans have been anticipating.